Power Rangers Feature Film Announcement Ignites Tidal Wave Among Fans!

Saban Brands and Lionsgate recently announced a partnership to develop and produce an original live action feature film based on the iconic Power Rangers property! The new film franchise will re-envision the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of high school kids who are infused with unique and cool super powers that they must harness and use as a team if they have any hope of saving the world.

The announcement received powerful media buzz, garnering more than 530 MILLION media impressions with coverage on top entertainment, pop culture, consumer and trade outlets such as E! News, People Magazine, USA Today, TIME, IGN, Buzzfeed, Variety, Hollywood Reporter and hundreds more.

The devoted and passionate Power Rangers fandom also took to social media in their excitement! As a result, Power Rangers became a trending topic on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit AND Tumblr, generated organically through fan chatter and engagement. On Twitter alone, the news reached nearly 100 MILLION unique individuals on the day of the announcement!

For more information on this announcement, please read the full press release here. Stay tuned for more details on the Power Rangers feature film in the coming months!

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